Community Joins Together to Advance Equitable Growth in Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, N.C., APRIL 29, 2021 – Today, the Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT coalition announced broad-based support for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan for the purpose of adoption by Charlotte City Council in June. Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT currently represents individuals and community organizations supporting a bold vision for more equitable and sustainable communities across Charlotte.  

“Approving the plan presents an opportunity to address policies and practices that created neighborhoods in which residents lacked equitable access,” said Kathryn Firmin-Sellers, Chief Impact Officer, United Way of Central Carolinas. “The plan is grounded in advancing equal access to housing, a key component to any effort to promote greater social and economic mobility.”

Support for the ten-goal plan/policy framework includes expanding neighborhood diversity and inclusion, specifically, policy 2.1, where existing language states that all neighborhoods would have diverse housing options by increasing the presence of middle density housing (i.e., duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and other small lot housing types) and ensuring land use regulations allow for flexibility in creation of housing within existing neighborhoods.

While Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT advocates for the current plan, it continues to closely monitor public debate and proposed revisions to ensure the plan represents and guides Charlotte toward equitable and sustainable growth for everyone, including the most marginalized residents and communities. 

Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT is calling on broad, public adoption of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan with approval by all Charlotte City Council members. An approved plan presents an opportunity to bring neighbors and communities together, now and in the future, and lead Charlotte toward long-term social and economic development. 

“We cannot continue to concentrate poverty in certain areas,” said William McDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Renaissance West Community Initiative. “All citizens should have access to great schools, healthy foods, robust transportation systems, and healthcare.”

Individuals and organizations can learn more and sign the letter of support by visiting the Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT website.  

Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT coalition members:

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, Kenneth Schorr

Community Building Initiative, Dianne English

Concerned Resident, Betty Gunz

Concerned Resident, Darlene Heater

Concerned Resident, Kristin Bradberry

Concerned Resident, Molly Shaw

Crisis Assistance Ministry, Carol Hardison

CrossRoads Corporation for Affordable Housing and Community Development, Tiffany Capers

Discovery Place, Catherine Horne

DreamKey Partners, Julie Porter

Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region, Laura Belcher

Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance, Jamall Kinard

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Charlotte, Ralphine Caldwell

North End Community Coalition, Melissa Gaston

OneMECK Affordable Housing Committee, Mike O’Sullivan

Plaza-Midwood Neighborhood Association, Lisa Swayne Proud

Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte, Beth Morrison

Renaissance West Community Initiative, Willian “Mack” McDonald

Safe Alliance, Karen Parker

Sustain Charlotte, Shannon Binns

United Way of Central Carolinas, Laura Yates Clark

Urban League of Central Carolinas, W. Teddy McDaniel, III