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  • City Releases 2nd Draft of Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan

    After receiving input from the public and various Charlotte City Council committees, City staff have released a revised version of the Charlotte Future 2040 Plan that they are recommending for adoption by Council. 

    Click here for information about reviewing and commenting on the new draft!

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  • Allowance for Multi-family Housing Stays in Plan

    On Monday, May 17, Charlotte City Council voted to keep provision 2.1 in the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan with a minor amendment to the language.  The amended language allows for multi-family housing in every place type, rather than on every lot.  Click the links below for the full story!


    Charlotte City Council Moves To Eliminate Zoning That Only Allows For Single-Family Homes

    Charlotte council narrowly keeps changes to single-family zoning in city’s growth plan

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  • City Manager Outlines 2040 Plan Compromises Following Resident and Council Objections

    BREAKING: City recommends 2040 Plan changes

    The city’s planning department has revised key sections of the proposed 2040 Comprehensive Plan, according to a memo obtained by The Ledger — a move designed to address recent objections to the growth plan.

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  • Driggs and Bokhari's Candid Comments on 2040 Comp Plan

    Exclusive: What Council Republicans Really Think of Charlotte’s Big 2040 Plan

    Publicly, Charlotte’s two Republican city council members have kept it collegial with Democrats while working to get the 2040 Comprehensive Plan revised. But when surrounded by like minds at a Mecklenburg Young Republicans meeting last week, they let loose.

    Ed Driggs called the plan “basically an attempt at a socialist takeover of the city of Charlotte.”  Driggs then said he and Tariq Bokhari have been able to stall the plan’s progress because “smart people can outmaneuver dumb people.”


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  • Charlotte Ledger: In Brief Mention

    Charlotte Ledger

    Coalition backs 2040 plan: A coalition of neighborhood and civic groups came out in support of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan on Thursday. Signatories included officials from Discovery Place, DreamKey Partners, Crisis Assistance Ministry, United Way of Central Carolinas, Urban League of Central Carolinas and the Plaza-Midwood Neighborhood Association. (Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT)

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  • Housing Groups Urge Council To Pass Comprehensive Plan As Is


    This new coalition, Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT, is pushing back. While city leaders are suggesting compromises are possible, the group likes the plan as is. Julie Porter is a coalition member and president of DreamKey Partners, an affordable housing developer."We certainly think that the plan should pass as it is currently written, and certainly in the spirit of how it is currently written. We would not want to see major compromises on some of the critical elements," said Porter.

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  • Join Us & Sign Today!

    Neighbors for More Neighbors CLT advocates for the adoption of the Charlotte Future 2040 Plan, and the ten goals outlined in the plan.  We invite you to join us in showing your support by signing our letter below!


    GOAL: 379 signatures

    Letter of Support


    We are in support of the adoption of the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan and are excited by the opportunity it represents to guide our city’s equitable growth and development. 

    Over the past 50 years, Charlotte has grown from 288,000 to more than 857,425 residents. We continue to attract new residents with 100 people moving here every day, even in the midst of a pandemic.  Such impressive growth requires an equally impressive plan. 

    The Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan creates equity by design. It begins with a recognition of the history of redlining and urban renewal that exacerbated racial disparities, advantaging whites at the expense of communities of color. The plan acknowledges and addresses the enduring legacy of segregation in our city, and creates a roadmap to ensure that all residents of Charlotte – our current neighbors and those who have not yet arrived – have equitable access to the benefits of our city’s growth.

    Charlotte has not had a comprehensive plan to guide our growth and development since 1975.   This plan is a living document that included significant community engagement including 500,000+ interactions from more than 6,500 individuals across more than 40 different methods.  Continued engagement from all residents is critical as we work together to update the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) that will update and align the regulations guiding development with the vision of the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

    We call upon Charlotte City Council to pass the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan by June 2021 in one of the City Council’s June meetings.  The vision outlined in the Plan is ambitious and achievable if we all come together, and we – the signed below – are committed to being strategic and supportive partners. Public adoption of the Plan is essential for creating innovative, sustainable growth that brings neighbors together, advances equity for everyone, and elevates Charlotte as a leader for long-term success. 

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    Statement on Revision to the 2040 Comp Plan

    The Neighbors For More Neighbors CLT is a growing coalition of non-profit organizations and neighborhood leaders and individual citizens guided by a vision for a more diverse and inclusive city. Our coalition remains steadfast in our support of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan and urge the Charlotte City Council to adopt it at the June 21 City Council meeting as currently revised.


    The revision to the plan includes the important addition of an Anti-Displacement Stakeholder group composed of neighborhood leaders and housing advocates, as well as residents threatened by displacement.  This is an important addition to ensure the Plan fulfills its promise of an equitable growth framework. In addition, we are in support of the revision to Policy 2.1, which retains largely intact a key element of the plan to increase diversity of housing types on single-family lots. We are encouraged by the City Council taking a bold action to ensure that our espoused values, expressed vision becomes our lived experience. We appreciate your recognition that we must continue to press forward for change.

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